Two nails of the day and how I keep my necklaces

Hello everyone! As promised here is the way I keep my necklaces. I just made it yesterday, so it's still not pimped up! It's really simple and everyone can do it! And it's absolutely true. I don't own many necklaces, and they're all boring. Ahaha.. I know I should fix that.. But the thing is that I'm too picky when it comes to choosing a necklace, so most of them are gifts I received. Here are also two nail shots (both with white tips, ewww! Both are older than three days!). Experiment N#1: I put this on really quickly, and since I hate hate hate the color I tried to do some polka dots. As you can see, I wasn't really successful! I wore that style for a couple of days.. I know, I'm being lazy.. omg! Plus my nails are super short now since they 1) broke, 2) started layering. Experiment N#2: These are my nails today. Not so pretty, I just tried for the first time to do the.. stripes? Well it's funny. I love the nail polish alone, it's holographic, but there was no sun, so shame on me!


  1. wow! what a good idea with the necklance, bracelet thing! i love how you did that! i think ill try that out too, thanks!!!

  2. A to si kupla tablo? To bom jst tudi nardila :) aja uni notd od danes je kjut in podoben parokets :P kaksen pa je tisti cez? Bel? H

  3. I still want to make one of those boards for jewelry. XD

    I like the stripes!


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