I don't get it?

Honestly, I don't. Today I had 101 followers, now I only have 99 of them. I must say this. If you followed me just to enter my giveaway and then unfollowed me after you posed your reply, hell I will go and check if you are following me. *feels cheated* ._. Or maybe paranoid, sorry girls!


  1. They're playing dirty. You should definitely double check - Compare your list of entries to your list of followers.

  2. thats just wrong they follow just for an entry or maybe they just deleted there account but yeah just check on ur entries n followers

  3. u go girrrrl. dont worry im here til thee end! hehehe

  4. Girl,

    That always happens to me! Just dust your shoulders off.. ok :)

  5. some people are just real fake b*tches.
    nevermind you still got your loyal followers :] keep it up ^^.

  6. unfortunately, it does happen. some people only stick around for the duration of the contest :( i'm not un-following you, don't worry.

  7. awwww....
    too bad

    don't let it get to you

    but you know,it happened to me before...
    i mean,i was the follower..
    & i was looking for a certain blog one time that i knew i followed..
    but i can't find it on my blog list..

    i dunno what the heck happened but i sure did not unsubscribe!

    i just have to subscribe again..
    its a bit embarrassing..

    maybe there was a glitch or anything..

  8. Don't feel bad...It has happen to me several times. Almost like they follow you just to enter the giveaway..and then when the giveaway is over ..followers start dropping off! I felt the same way the first time it happened to me. I just know there are more people out there that want to follow your blog =)

  9. Yeah, some people are THAT stupid. At least you can check & delete their entry, but that takes time... Anyway, I understand the way you feel. & no, I don't think you're paranoid!

  10. wth? That's totally not right, but sadly some people are like that. It happend to me before, and I've never even had a contest before -__-

  11. aw... bad! If they win the give away it will be very unfair to your really followers

  12. I am sorry to hear that....I hope they get their just desserts! hmph!

  13. omg if that is true...that is so sleazy! Well you still had sooo many dedicated followers! =)

  14. Thank you girls! Your comments mean a lot to me.
    It's really sad that such stuff happens, but as long as there will be at least one loyal follower, I will be happy ^^!

  15. No need to worry I am still here proudly following. I know that I have the same issue on my blog with this. Maybe I am just not interesting enough. http://military76brat.blogspot.com

  16. jeez thats messed up, peaople are rather inconsiderate. soo eff them.

  17. Hi, girl! First of all, thanks for participating in my giveaway!
    It might be just a glitch cuz one day i didn't see myself on one of my friend's list and I had to click "follow" again. I bet she thought same as you! hahaha... Since it's just 2 out of 101 it's probably glitch!


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