Narita's Giveaway!

Narita is having a giveaway because well she likes the blog world so much that she wanted to give something to all those beautiful ladies out here! She will be giving out three MAC items *squee*! And now, who doesn't love MAC?! Okay, I never tried MAC items, but I heard some excelent stuff about it! What do you have to do?
  1. Leave a comment with the answer to following question ON HER BlOG POST:
Have fun and just imagine that you're being sent to a deserted island and you're allowed to spend $10.000 (Ten Thousand) to stock up beauty and makeup products before you leave. The catch is, it has to be only ONE brand. Which Brand would you go for?
2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog and link to her post 3. Have to be a follower of her blog 4. International bloggers are welcome! 5. Winners will be chosen by her randomly
The Giveaway is open till June 15th 12am, Pacific Time
So what are you waiting for?! Go share some love, ladies!
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