Mail For Me: testers and the blackhead extractor tool

Hello beauties! For today I finished studying and so I'm ready to write a nice blog post! Or I can try to. Anyhow in the morning I got lots of mail! I opened almost everything, but then I remembered to take some pictures, for my blogger fellows. Photobucket Last week I ordered three testers from Suki (but I got so much more, yay!), and a tester from Nivea, which didn't arrive but I got this Perskindol gel (for muscle pain). So in the mail were waiting for me:
  • * Suki concealer (various types) tester x2
  • * Suki cleanser tester x2
  • * Suki moisturizer (various types) x7
  • * Perskindol active gel tester x2
  • * Blackhead removal tool
So half of the items will go to my mom (because I ordered a tester for her too, but since I got so many for dry skin they all go to her, I have combined skin and acne prone) and the other half is for me! Yay it's been so long that I wanted to try Suki stuff. If I'll like anything I may buy it, but Suki is really really expensive (in the range of L'Occitane). I'll write more about it in another post. Photobucket This is how the package including my little monster tool, looked like. And the tool itself: Photobucket This shall be good! I mean I have this bad bad bad habit of squeezing my blackheads and this will make it more efficient and more hygienic! So, I'm really really excited to try my Suki stuff out, but I'll have to wait a bit since, I'm currently testing the Skin Food creams. xoxo
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