EOTD: Simple Summer Day

I really really need a camera! I mean... It's so hard to take good photos with my cell phone :(. Especially the eye photos! And I must be really bright because I do all my make up at night, so I don't even have the right lights to show off my make up! Damn xD. Plus I must be really weird because when I do make up, I firstly do shadows and then the lighter tones... Or even first eyeliner and than everything else. And if it gets messed up a bit, I just go over it again when everything is finished. Is that just me or is that called being lazy? I wanted to so a simple summer look... Summer because this summer will be 'in' blue colors and bright colors. So a fresh look. Well I wanted a fresh look but not too obvious. So I came out with this: Photobucket I used only four colors! The lightest yellow/beige under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye(no name brand), the darkest brown in the outer corner and in the crest ( Lime Crime's no name color, I got it for free on Valentine's day with my other order), some beige into the middle part (no name again), and the line made with Mermaid from Lime Crime make up. And for the last touch up I've used the L'Oreal Collagene Mascara. It's not too obvious, but if you check it out (in rl lol) you can see that the line adds everything to it! Photobucket This is how vibrant is the Mermaid color for real! Photobucket Maybe I should feel ashamed because I'm posting such pictures on the net.. but on the other side... Work with what you have baby! ;) I hope that next time when I'll do an EOTD I'll do it during the day.. But okay, today I was studying really hard ._.
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