Fav Items: May 09

I know that it's not the end of month yet, but I wanted to do this fun thing that I saw on xmatrialsgirlsx blog post. I already replied on her blog, but I wanted to add it here too! Why? Just because I feel inspired, theehe...
My fav hair products of the month: Photobucket
  • * L'Oreal Play Ball #5 (15€)+, because it removed the fuzz (static electric) on my hair!
  • * Tigi Curls Rock #5 (16€) curls amplifier, because it helps me get the most perfect curls ever (I have curly hair already)!
Fav face products: Photobucket
  • * Revlon Color Stay in Buff (16€), because it's the perfect foundation! It's coverage is medium to full and well it's really resistant.
  • * Lime Crime Pixie Dust (15$), because it doesn't let my skin get oily after a couple of hours of wearing foundation. Just superb!
My Fav Skin Care Products: Photobucket
  • * Garnier Essentials Refreshing toner (4€), this is my new substitute for L'Occitane Olive toner that didn't do a thing after two years.. I needed a change and this seemed like a good one (check the ingredients!)
  • * Apothekar Scheller Pineapple Matte Cream (sale from 7,50€ to 3,15€), this cream is perfect for combination and acne prone skin, and after it I didn't get any breakout plus it absorbs into the skin in record time.
  • * Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream (16$), of course I only have it for a couple of days but I already love it! It smells great, it feels great, it looks great and it even covers my under eye blue circles!
My fav Hand care products: Photobucket
  • * Essence 12h Hand Protection Balm (2,75€), for obvious reasons written in my other post.
  • * Essie Smoothies Hand and Body Lotion - Pear and Fig (2,45€), it smells great, moistures the hands a tiny bit but other than that it doesn't do much. But the smell does everything for me.
My Fav Eye Products of the month: Photobucket
  • * Nivea Cream Golden Eyeshadow (8€), I use it as a base and it works perfectly!
  • * Sweet Scents eye primer (9€)(the one with the writing Carodejka on it), my first primer ever, it's great, but I hate the way it feels on my fingers - it's not smooth.
  • * Essence automatic kajal pencil (1,16€), because it's long resistant and with it you get an evening look in less than one minute!
  • * No name eyeshadow palette (0,50€), because they don't go into my crest and they're really resistant plus some of them are matte!
  • * MaxFactor False Lashes Effect Mascara (16€ with 2000cal mascara) in waterproof version, for obvious reasons.
And as last my fav lip item: Photobucket
  • * Balm Balm Lip Balm (5€) (unscented), because it moisturizes my lips really well, and it's in such a cute pot!
And which are your favorite products of the month? EDIT: Added the prices (that's how much I got the products for). Please please when you vote on the poll, do comment and say what exactly would you like to see? Like if you vote for others, how the hell do I know what is that?
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