DM haul

Gee, I know. I'm probably a shopaholic. Or something quite similar. If I were rich I'd probably own all the drugstores in my town. Hm, and those close to it.

Lately, I've got the tendency to buy (or actually it's more accurate to say that I'd like to buy) natural products. I went with my dear to coffee and then for a walk. Later I remembered that there's a DM drugstore in Portoroz so I HAD to buy something. I felt really lost with all those lovely and interesting almost 100% (or 100%) natural products.

But I walked out with these beauties (one is missing, I gave it to my dear. It was a super sparkling nail polish, no idea what will he do with it - probably something that has to do with painting models of boats/planes).The Balm Balm lip balm -it's 100% natural. It contains Butyrospermum park (shea butter), helianthus Annuus (sunflower oil), Cera alba (beeswax), calendula Officinalis (calendula oil), Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba oil). How sweet is that?!
It is in this super cute small box ( the first reason I picked it up, second are the ingredients), but if you don't like applying balm with your fingers, I suppose this isn't for you.



The S-he nail polish holds the number 433. You can see it applied on nails HERE (parokeets) - if you can't understand Slovenian, don't worry there are lots of very nice pictures (so pretty!).

This wasn't exactly a very cheap buy (I was expecting to spend about hmmm 3€, haha), I spent 8€. The lip balm was a little less than 5€ and the s-he nail polish was 1,95€. The other nail polish was 0,99€. But then I realized why (after I bought it of course) because it has to be used in THREE months?! Are we kidding? 5ml of product, that's so funky it can't be used every day, in three months?!

I'm pretty pleased with my haul. But I really should write some more reviews. Hmm, yep that's what I'll do. After my NOTD of course ;).

Don't you love the super fancy color of this S-he nail polish?




  1. Hey thanks for checking out my blog.

    In reply to your comment about foundation..

    I thought the exhange rate might even it out, but I guess not. Bummer. So how much do foundations like Mac etc cost where you live then?

    I think "natural" nail polishes actually last longer on the actual nail (even though I guess they expire early because of the natural ingredients). But to the point that it's annoying to get off. Might be diff with that brand though.

    I love the song on here! (Mad World). I hadn't heard that version before though.

  2. Well to be honest we don't have any Mac ctores here. :/ Only drugstores and max kryolan make up. Sad thing, I know..

    Yah natural polishes shouldn't be too much resistent for now...

    The mad world version is from one of the competitiors of american idol, if I'm not right :)!


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