NOTD: S-he 433

I know that today I'm really late with posting, but this day was really hard for me. So annoying.

Yesterday night I applied S-he 433 (in my living room, on the sofa, that's why the sloppy apply) and it still looks really nice. Great as yesterday.

I wanted to share three pictures of it, with You all, because this color is really special. In a way it's a light pink with golden shimmer, on another hand it's light gold. Really interesting and fun!

After two layers it's still not completely opaque, but I don't mind. I wouldn't go with another layer because then, it would be too bright. And not that I don't like bright colors (on the opposite), but to be honest I never wore any yellowish nail polish before.

So here are the pictures;

Inside light:

Sun Light:

Flash Light:

How do you like this color?
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