Going Eco. SIGG bottle.

I always wanted an Eco way of storing my water. I mean not the classic plastic bottles, but something reusable. I know, I know.. You can reuse plastic bottles, but washing them is a pain in the ass + they're somehow toxic. And the bacteria gets on them pretty quickly (the part where you drink from). Anyhow a couple of months ago I found those super cute aluminium bottles from SIGG in a drug store in Ljubljana. They were so damn adorable, but hell almost 30€ for one? *shock* But true, I have probably spent waaaay more for bottled water. I got this lovely Hello Kitty design (most of you probably don't know that I just love Hello Kitty stuff, actually lets call it hidden passion), tho I really liked the other designs too. Hmm maybe one day I'll get the dragon design and the sakura design too! I'm not sure why, but here the bottles were 17,50€ instead of almost 30€. Probably it has something to do with Ljubljana being the main city of Slovenia. Hm probably (No I didn't buy it in Ljubljana). Here are some quick pictures, taken in the car, while we were driving from one place to another. Sorry for so many distracting things in them (like nails, part of the car, etc etc). SIGG HK3 SIGG HK2 SIGG HK1 OMG I just checked their website and I want them ALL! Have you seen how adorable are some of them?! I know that mine is under the Kids area, but I don't mind. Those are my favorite designs of those bottles. So colorful! The best thing? This is a very fancy way to bring your water with you, plus it can hold 0.6l of liquid! And you do something for the environment! As you may know ... I'm in love with it! And no worries, I won't buy bottled water to just fill it in this little fellow. I drink tap water, and if it didn't kill me until now, I don't think it will do. For that we have filters, tho they're not really needed here. Go check out their site, it's awesome what kind of stuff they have (music box?!).
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