Hit n run Deer

The Carnival is currently going on and it will do so until Tuesday when it will reach the ending point. I can't wait for that day since the kid and I will go to the festival in Kamnik.
He'll be part of a group mask, and I'll be... I am still not sure about it. 

I was thinking about being a deer, but you know, I can't be just a normal deer, no?

Of course now. A normal deer is quite boring. I mean, yes, they are cute but.. so not me. So, I did a funkier one, a hit and run one (one that has been hit by a car and somehow survived!) with a bit of my old Kyrolan Supracolors, some Zoeva eyeshadows and an Ebay cream contour palette.

It looked real in RL, but I am also happy with how it looks in the pictures :).

I am still not sure as what will I go this year, maybe I'll tame it down and go as a kitty cat. Or maybe I should be a princess? Hmmm, I am not sure. But I'd totally want to go as a zombie, but then again I don't want kids to be afraid of me... :P

What will you go as this carnival?


  1. Oooo kok si pa dobr to nardila <3

  2. ooo hudo, tista modrica pri očesu je čist nora :)

    1. joj haha, hvala :D. Mi sama srnica ni bila tako zelo všeč in sem se malo izživljala z beauty blenderjem :d.

  3. Že sama ideja je zakon, tvoj make up je enostavno fenomalen!


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