Gust Post: Fashion Icons on the Rise

Article was written by Emma Lawson

Having a superb sense of style is not about wearing the cutest rags or showing off your new designer bag. It is so much more. It is about making a statement; showing who you are and what you stand for. Fashion is a form of art and there are those who have mastered this creative process. There are some of the best fashion icons today who are making their way on the red carpet towards their fashion throne. From fashion designers who are creating new extraordinary trends and the fashion icons that are following them, these are a few of the emerging style icons today:

Emerging Fashion Designers

In the sea of thousand uprising fashionistas, there are a few of those who are climbing the success ladder rather quickly. Among them, you just find Emilia Wickstead, who is quite famous for her made-to-measure atelier. This year she is continuing her chic and stylish collections using pastel pallets and nipped waists wonderfully combining sensual with conservative attire. Besides Emilia, the Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya manages to create dreamlike designs using hand-stitched details, luxurious materials and whimsical patterns that look like something out of this world. And who can forget to mention Marco De Vincenzo, known for his extravagant designs, in which he combines classic silhouettes with futuristic detailing. 

But there are those who still have not tried out in the designer roles but are faithfully following all the recent trends. These are the most notable fashion icons on the rise:

Emily Ratajkowski 

This American model and actress is constantly surprising us with her amazing sense of style. Somehow she always manages to combine certain garments making her look chick and girly but at the same time stylish and professional. The most notable thing about her style is the fact she likes to keep it simple. Focused on her great figure, she knows how to dress to impress without going over the top.

Emma Watson

The young actress and a self-proclaimed feminist who won our hearts by playing the role of Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter” is showing us how a young girl can look attractive, stylish and modern but still maintain her identity in the process. From street wear, through edgy and bold designs up to glamorous and sensational looks, this English star is certainly one of the best-dressed girls of the newer generation. Who knew that they teach fashion at Hogwarts?

Jelena Djokovic

The wife of the best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, is a true example of that natural beauty look every girl is striving to achieve. Her style is highly approved by the editor-and-chief of the American Vogue, Anna Wintour. Jelena is one of those trendy women who like to nurture the no-makeup look, which actually makes your skin look much younger. Of course, this does not mean avoiding makeup altogether, but simply relying on Youngblood makeup designed to nourish your face and bring that natural aspect to your skin.

Some of the best faces of today’s fashion world are showing us how art and fashion can come in many different forms. So learn from them, find your style and create your look according to your own identity. Fashion is all about experimenting and finding what suits you best. The best thing about fashion is that it is never wrong and these fashion icons show us exactly that.

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