The 6 Must have lipsticks for this Spring!


 I love wearing lipsticks and I think these will be a big hit this Spring! 

Here they are;

They go from nudes, to pinks and a peach colour. All in all there are 6 lipsticks. I don't feel that red is a Spring colour, but then again I may be sporting a dark red during night time or for partying. I am not saying it is forbidden, just that red is a very Winter lip colour. But of course, these are just my recommendations. 

Bourjois Fuchsia Libre (10€): A vivid cold pink that looks a bit purple in the package but goes on jelly like, so very lightly. I can see myself wearing this colour a lot! 
Bourjois Peach at the Beach (10€): A peach creamy lipstick, goes on very lightly but looks very natural when applied with a light hand. Perfect for colder nights. 
Catrice Mission PinkPossible (6€): This is a more glossy lipstick, goes on a bit harder/sticker and lasts a very long time. After it's already gone it leaves a strong stain. A hot pink colour perfect for most skin tones. 
Catrice Muave your lips (5€): 90's are still in and so are brown-ish lips. Nude lips are welcome anywhere, even if they are not your natural lip color. I love this lipstick, because it looks so natural and feels nicely on my lips. The staying power is also great (about 4-5 hours).
Catrice  License to Pink (4€): This is a jelly lipstick that will be my The lipstick this Spring. I can see myself wearing it during work hours, to grab a coffee or something. It doesn't have a strong staying power (2-3 hours).
Essence Natural Beauty (2€): For those that aren't into pinks or for days when I want to wear a lipstick, but it has to be low-maintenance is this the thing. Goes on creamy, looks natural and lasts quite a while (4-5 hours). Also, it's inexpensive. 

Which colours will you be sporting this Spring?


  1. Zelo lepi odtenki, vsi so mi všeč! :)

    1. O hvala! Sem sprva mislila, da mi pink zadeve ne bodo toliko sedle (kot rdeče), ampak bolj kot je toplo, bolj sem vesela pinki šmink na ustnicah.

  2. Sami super odtenki, res živahni in pomladni :)

  3. Zelo dobra izbira. <3 Imam 3 od teh tudi sama doma. :)
    Me pa zelo mika ta Bourjois Fuchsia Libre. :) :3

    Jaz pa bom itak največ posegala ravno po vibrantnih pink in fuksija odtenkih, pa kakšnih ki so mešanica med roza in koralno.

    1. O noro! Fuksija je zakon! Edino eno opozorilo - če ješ in piješ s to šminko, pusti takšen voskast občutek po jedi. Nimam pojma kaj je to (kao waterproof?? ne vem). Sej gre hitro mimo (obrišeš, daš na novo), ampak opozorim. Drugače pusti tudi malo lepega staina. No, meni je všeč, sploh ker je lepo vlažilna.

  4. Super objava, mogoče ti ukradem idejo o swatckih lupčkih :D

    1. Go for it! Več objav, več za brat.. :D Sicer pa tvoji bodo zagotovo lepši. :D

  5. Meni je tudi noro všeč prva slika s poljubčki ;)
    Drugače si pa res same lepe odtenke zbrala, Bourjois Fuchsio moram nujno poswatchat v drogeriji na tebi zgleda čudovito <3

  6. Natural Beauty je moja must-have šminka, pomojem jo nosim 4-5 od 7 dni v tednu! :) Pa pohvala za reees čudovite slike!!

  7. U, prav vse so mi všeč :)


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