FOTD: I love to play with colors

Hello everyone!

This week I really wanted to play with some colors! Well purple colors to be exact (because they flatter my eye color!). This is why I picked up the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette and the EDM palette (Love to shop) and went to work. 

I firstly applied the white eyeshadow all over my lid, and then worked on in the crease with the purples. To finish it all off I applied some blue (damnit!) all over the crease. I thought it would be way less opaque.. damnit Sugarpill why do you have to be so bold?! Anyway, I had to blend the shi* out of it so it would tone with the purples. Added some mascara and I was done!

The result (pictures overload!)




Oh and one more thing - most guys don't know a thing about make up. My honey said that this make up look looks really 'natural'. LOL, really? :D So never ask a guy what he thinks about your make up, unless he knows what you are talking about :P.


  1. What colors are in your EDM palette? This look is FAB, and I want to try it! ;) You did a great job blending the shadows.

  2. @WildHeart: In the palette there are 4 shadows.
    1st is a shimmery white
    2st a taupe color
    3rd purpleish (a bit on the brown side)
    4th is a purple (dark)

    Thank you for the compliments!

  3. Do you know their names? I had to check out their online store after reading this entry; soooo pretty!! You're welcome, sweetie. ;)


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