How can I stay fit - being a new mom?

Hi everyone,
I wanted to write a piece on healthy living quite some time. Being a new mom (okay it's more than 14 months, I am not sure if that counts as new anymore?) comes with lots of tedious work and less time for staying fit. And well I got quite bored of my floppy tummy, so I was searching for a quick fix.

So, what is the best way to stay fit while handling a baby? Well that's easy – at least the part where it should be fun, right? I love dancing, and so for me the solution was easy. Even if I had no time to actually go to trainings (so I didn't), I could easily dance at home. While I listened to a song, or two.
I was having fun, did some basic workout (or hardcore, depending on what kind of music you are listening to). And well if you are baby (or kid) – free, even better! More time to dance or to do some other kind of workout (but lest be serious for a moment here, what is more fun than dance?!).

But if you want to stay comfortable while dancing (and maybe if you go pro, or to some real training) it is always good to grab some nice equipment, no?
Here is where I found Dancemania – they also have lots of items on sales (for all of us who don't want to spend a lot). And if you are an old fashioned kind of person, they also offer training Cds.
Okay, so this is how I am trying to stay fit, and it is working (plus some dieting aka baby won't give me the time to eat, ahah!).
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