NOTD: Essence Candyction (Crazy Good Times)


I decided to shorten my nails, because they were getting in the way of my daily tasks. Plus I wanted them super cute and chubby, aka short.

Anyway I went with an interesting shade, called Candyction (I keep forgetting the name) from the Crazy Good Times TE. It's one of the three nail polishes I wanted from this collection, and one of the two I actually own. 

On the swatches it looks red, but under artificial lights it looks 100% orange. So I really was confused about that. But everything got clearer today when I looked at my nails when I was outside. 

It's red with strong orange undertone. The application was simple (somewhere I read that it is terrible), I needed two coats, but one could also do.

There are flakes inside the polish, but on the nails they are hardly visible. :(

Under artificial light. It's 100% orange!

 I tried to put the polish next to a red (bourjois #10), but it didn't come out as expected.

I will 'pimp' the manicure in the following days. Valentine themed, but nothing too cute ;). 


  1. Wow-- love the finish of that polish. The way it shines reminds me of jelly, for some reason. Haha. <33

    And YES! I keep my nails short, too! Haha. (That's because I play an instrument, though, and because I still occasionally bite my nails. >.>')

  2. Noxin: The finish is beautiful - it is jelly with flakes <3.
    Aww, I stopped biting my nails about 6 months before I started my blog. It really helped to watch gorgeous nail polish pictures :D.


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