NOTD: Essence Flamingo Rose (SYF)

Since I am quite sick (which is not fun at all), I will post my current nails of the day.

I saw this nail polish on Nihrida's blog and from then on, I had to have it. When I bought it, I realized that it will not look exactly the same as on her nails, since our skin tone is quite different (If I am not mistaken, she has olive undertone?).

But anyway, I was happy with my purchase only when I applied the polish. 

The application was fine, nothing really extraordinary. The formula is thicker, and it applies like your regular pastel nail polish (tho it really isn't a pastel). The drying time was fascinating (for an Essence nail polish, that's it). I needed two coats for 100% opacity. I could go with just 1 if I was careful enough, but better be safe than sorry.

I think this nail polish will do as a great base for nail art. Sadly it already chipped a bit on my main hand, but only on my thumb nail (after 2 days). It is nothing really visible, but it does bother me. 

Other than that, the nail polish is just perfect!

Do you wear nail polishes that are strictly designed for toes on your hands? If no, why not?


  1. thats weird. how is a toe nail polish diff from your regular one? :D

  2. Does it have shimmer to it? If so, I'm sold, lol.

  3. Kumiko Mae: Well it's not! :D The truth is, that Essence is selling it as a special anti-bacterial nail polish for toes.

    Marox79: I'm sorry for the late reply - sadly the polish is 100% cream. It's still very pretty, that's why I'll apply it once more (since it chipped).


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