Journey to Purple Hair v2


As promised here are some hair shots :)! It seems I can't take a decent picture these says, so forgive me ;).
Plus this color doesn't want to be photographed. 

In the shadow it's more like a dark purple. In the shadow it shines with a magenta shine. But when I went to the bathroom the first time (inside light but natural!) I saw it as a lovely violet color with magenta shine. Perfection!

I'm not afraid of bold colors, in fact I love them. My dream color is a dark turquoise which .. I'm not sure will ever happen. Or indigo blue <3.

Hopefully there will be a photo shooting soon, because I want some new pictures :D.


  1. I love strange color :) I think that your purple is nice :)
    PS: I've blue and green hair now :D

  2. Zelo prisrčna barva :) love it.

  3. Oh wow-- <33 I loovee the colour of your hair in the shade. It's a very dreamy violet. :]


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