Journey to Purple Hair!


Last weekend I was walking in our DM store, trying to find a shade that will be visible on my hair (with looots of red undertone on 2/3 of it) but that will also come naturally looking on my natural hair (blondeish - cold tone).

I was super tired of my ombre hair, because the contrast between cold blonde and warm orangeish was too visible for my liking.

And then I saw it..  It was the most perfect purple ever. It's called  Cyber Purple and it's from Swatzkopf.

I had to buy it. At that point nothing else mattered, I wanted it. I decided it's time to go purple! And I didn't care that it's summer and it will probably fade quickly.

From the color chart I saw that it should come out great!  

This is what I got in the box:
Hair dye, conditioner, color developer, gloves

Applied on hair

After the use there was some mess! So make sure you use gloves and clean the parts where the color touches your skin.

And the final color!

I must say that I absolutely love the final result! It's a deep purple that has a magenta shine in the sun. It's lovely ^^.

You'll see the full face pictures + hair next time ;)! 

Comments are appreciated! <3
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