Crazy Eyeliner and Tiny tragus gem

Hi dolls!

Today I have another picture of my make up from yesterday. I did the make up just for the photos, because since it's super hot here I don't even feel like wearing make up. 

I exaggerated a bit with the MU, so I later removed it. But for as long as I was wearing it - I loved it!

Here you can actually see how my hair looks most of the time. Very dark and at moments purple. :) 

And my super tiny rainbow gem on my tragus piercing! It's 2mm and so far I have no problems with it, but I was thinking about buying the same thing except 3mm big. 

Have a lovely weekend! <3


  1. Hey, katero vijola barvo pa uporabljaš? Meni se še kar hitro žal sperejo..

    1. Tukaj sem pisala o temu:
      Drugače pa Swartzkopf Live Color XXL - 46 Cyber purple


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