DM haul

First, hello everyone!

I said I won't buy any cosmetics. At all. BUT! Yes there is always a but. I wanted (since it came out) the perfume from the Essence TE Blossoms ETC. and since it was waiting for me for more than a month I had to buy it. Especially because I love how it develops on my skin.

Then I saw the new perfumes from Alverde and since in the first DM I went they didn't have any testers, I decided with the help of the descriptions. 
Later I tried it and it smells lovely but it has some weird undertone (spicy!), that luckily disappears on me. On me it smells lovely.

I also noticed the Balea serum on .Sparkle*'s blog and I thought it must be good so I got it. It contains hyaluronic acid and the eye cream contains caffeine. We'll see how it will work.

And as the last thing I got two Bourjois nail polishes from the newest collection. I remember seeing them on another blog (all the swatches) and liking them. I only had 5€ on me and a bit of change so when the guy from Bourjois (he was putting new products on the shelf) told me they were having an action - 50% off I grabbed two! Plus I had a -15% voucher so I got both for 5,05€!

And yes, today I went to DM thrice! The first time I got the Balea stuff and the Alverde  perfume, the second time just the Essence perfume and the last time I got the polishes. At every purchase I got a -15% voucher. 

That's why DM is my favorite store. ^^

I'm extremely pleased with me purchase. Usually I feel excited only during shopping (so I guess I had a bit of a shopping problem, right?) but now I'm really excited to use these things up. I know I won't buy new things unless I use the others up. 


  1. Lušten nakup; sploh lakci! :)

  2. God, I wish we had DMs over here, or 50% off and 10% vouchers.
    Not fair, ;(

  3. Uu, dobri nakupi <3 Sploh nism vedla, da ma Alverde tut parfum, morm oba povohat čimprej. Pa tale aqua serum tut mene zanima, tko da prosim poroči, kako se kej obnese :)

  4. Biba: Hvala, meni sta tudi vsec lakca! ^^

    Marox79: DM's are the best stores ever. I love them and their natural line of cosmetics is my fav <3.

    Summer: Tudi jaz sem danes prvic videla parfumcke od Alverde (trije so), ko sem iskala nekaj poceni in primernega za v torbico. Pac da ne bom ravno nosila s seboj drazjih parfumov, ce mi kaj sunejo.
    Bom sprobala te balea zadevice pa napisem recenzijo.


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