Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hi everyone, are you enjoying your Sunday?
For a while I was wearing this gorgeous nail polish on my nubbins.
They are so short that everything I put on them, doesn't last more than 2-3 days. The apply is also harder because there's less nail and more skin (compared to longer  nails) and they keep breaking. So yeah, not the prettiest sight of them all.

The first picture is the most realistic when it comes to colors. :) And I REALLY need a quick drying top coat. I'm tired of having the texture of my bed sheets pressed on my nails, lol.


  1. V bistvu je čisto kjut na kratkih nohtih :)

  2. "I'm tired of having the texture of my bed sheets pressed on my nails, lol." hahahaha I always had that too.

  3. waw, ta je pa res lep:) Kako je pa z obstojnostjo?

  4. Helena: Ja, res je. Kjut izgleda :D!

    You nailed it!: Lol so true.. I still need a quick drying top coat xD.

    Pink_Diamond: Je kar obstojen.. Samo sedaj imam probleme z nohti in mi zdrzi max ene 3 dni.

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you! <3


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