Review: Nail Art Polishes

Hi, dears! A while ago I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store and they asked me if I'd like to review a couple of things from them. Because they have some gorgeous nail art items, I had to say YES!
I picked up a couple and things and 20 days later they were waiting for me in my mailbox.

I decided I wanted to try the 24 nail art polishes set. I was actually looking at those polishes for a while. They are quite common in the beauty bloggers world. And since I like doodling on my nails they were just perfect for me!

Sadly I didn't get 24 of them, but 23. I think someone on the customer's service stole one?? Wtf.. really? It wasn't even white!

They all came stuffed in a box. Which is great, since otherwise, I wouldn't know where to put them. 

In all their glory. 

I only wish that this set would contain a white nail art polish. That one would be used almost daily. I don't know what's with me and white. I love white when it comes to nail art!

The best thing about these beauties is that they have two openings. If you pull off the cap, you'll see the smaller opening. It's perfect for small details and drawing flowers or dots. If you unscrew the cap you'll get the main opening. It contains a thin brush, which makes drawing lines so easy! 

I drew a couple of lines with both disposals. The left ones are drawn with a brush and the right ones with the thin nail art opening. 

As you can see you can get more opaque lines with the nail art opening than with the brush. But you lines will be more even with the brush.

Some nail art I did with them..  (I was sure I used them quite a lot, but I was wrong).

Here the dots were drawn with the nail art polishes.

+The packaging. It's easy to hold and you can choose between two different ways of doing your nail art (brush or the pen).
+You get a lot of nail polish shades!
+They are cheap.
+It will take me forever to use them all up.
+With these nail art polishes, it's super easy to draw even and thin lines. 

-I wish the set would contain the white nail art polish.

Rating: 5/5 
Price: 4/5 ♥ ($18.05)
Overall: I'm really happy that they sent me these polishes to try out. I wanted them for a long time, but now they are mine! :D I am pretty sure that most of my nail art manicures will be made by these. I mean.. what's not to love about them? DO WANT!

These products were sent to me by the company, to learn more do read my Disclosure Policy.
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