Hi dolls,

I wanted to do something a bit more creative for this Valentine's day as last year I went with a seducing make up. This year I threw away the palette, I didn't use it all that much and I got like a bazillion of other palettes..  plus the shades weren't all that pigmented. Oh well :).

So..  I started with the idea that I should do something with hearts..  I still wanted to do a Poison Ivy MU, so I guess I kind of combined the freaky MU with the valentine's xD.

I used:
Kryolan Supracolor in RED,
Sleek Good Girl palette (I randomly picked the colors),
Urban Decay Naked palette (dark brown),
Rhinestones (purple and red).

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! You're the one that matters, don't worry about what other people say..  :) Enjoy the day, even if you don't celebrate the V day.

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