FOTD: If I were a teddy bear

Hello lovelies!

I can't believe I didn't post these pictures?! I took them back in December when I did the Sleek MakeUp palettes reviews, uh uh.palettes reviews, uh uh.
Oh well... ^^

I have two bear hats. One is black and the other is white. I wanted a damn hat with ears for a looong time, and then I found it. 6€ each which is super cheap!

And whenever I go somewhere with it, people stare at me. But I don't care....  I wanted this hat for a long period, so yah :). But oddly enough, when I wear it around younger people they don't care.

Take care,


  1. Great hat. I have it to. And people stare at me to. Hi , hi.

    And my son wants to have it now to.

  2. Andreja: LOL, people just don't know what is fun anymore :P


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