Sleek MakeUp Palettes: Sparkle, Good Girl, Bad Girl

Hi lovelies,

I'm pretty sure that you all heard about the drama around the -50% off all orders from Sleek MakeUp last month. 
Well I must say that I took part in that order massacre and until I reported to PP that I never got my order (after 30 days, and Sleek MakeUp is from the UK), I didn't know if it went through or not. Well anyway after many ignored emails, I finally got a reply (via PP report) that my order will be dispatched on Monday. And well well well.. I got my order 4 days after! 
I won't say much about the drama anymore, because we all make mistakes. And if the products would be terrible I wouldn't order from them again. Well I honestly won't order from them again, but if I find any new palette in Sephora, I'll get it. 
I firstly ordered the Bad Girl palette, but since it ran out of stock they said not to pay for it and that's it. 
But instead of it I got the interesting Sparkle palette.

I must say that when I saw it, I had no idea what's the thrill about. It looked boring and well.. sparkling.
But while I was doing the swatches I fell in love with it. It's truly amazing, pigmented and long lasting!

The Good Girl palette was on my Wish List only because I thought it would be an amazing blush palette. I tried it and true.. it is. It's also super pigmented.

The Bad Girl palette is just awesome. Pigmented, dark, bold. Great for a night out or maybe a more daring day look. Definitely it's not versatile.

Anyway... off to the pictures! ^^

I really like the new Limited Edition packages. They are super pretty!

Inside they are all the same.. 

First the... 
Sparkle Palette!


 Size comparison:

Honestly, I had NO IDEA that these palettes are so small. On all the pictures they looked HUGE.

Now off to the swatches.
They are swatched as they follow in the palette.

I must say that I'm impressed. The shades are really pigmented and sparkly. I actually had some problems cleaning my hands after the swatching was done. ^^

I did a make up look with it :). It's was very easy.. but be aware. The dark shadows have lots of fall out.. of sparkles xD.

I used:
*Twinkle all over lid
*Galactic in the outer corners 
*Festive in the inner corners

Now to the Good Girl Palette!

As they follow in the palette

 Papaya used as a blush (a tiny bit, since it's very pigmented)

And now.. 
The Bad Girl Palette

This one was a gift from my sister. Well an early Xmas gift ^^. 
I used it a lot of times and I must say that it's great. 

 Size comparison 2nd part (compared to HTC Wildfire)

Swatches (again following the palette)

A make up I did using the same palette (you may have seen it in another post)

I used the following shades:
*Innocence in my inner corners
*Gullible on the brow bone
*Rebel in outer corners + lid
*Twilight as an eyeliner on lower lashes
 I used:
*Sleek MakeUp Bad Girl Palette (Abyss)
*CS 88 Palette (some lighter blue)
*Mallorca Majorca Palette (I used the light pink from it all over the lid)

Products rating: 5/5♥
Customer Service: 2/5 
Price: 5/5 ♥ (8,60€ on their site; 10€ in Sephora)


My last word? I love them. I'm sad because of the bad reputation Sleek MakeUp has got now (the 50% off failure). But I'm pretty sure their great products will make it up to them sometime.

I'd definitely repurchase the palettes, but not online (I'm sorry, but the experience freaked me out). If I'd buy it online it would have to be any other day they don't have any discounts etc.

Anyway great products for a fraction of the price.

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