How I changed (2008-2010/2011)

Hi dolls,

Today I'm going to show you a simple collage of some pictures from the past. I picked only few of the ones I have (lazy, lazy!), but you get the idea.

I started my blog in 2009, but at the end of 2008 I discovered make up. On the first picture I was playing with a look Xparkage did back then (Batman look). 

I think I got prettier (or only better at photoshop, lol!) and I lost some baby fat so my face doesn't look all that much baby - like. Alright who am I lying to?! xD LOL. I have a baby face. I'll be forever young?!

Click on the image, to view it full size

What do you think?



  1. Awww you look so pretty in all your pictures...!!!

  2. You're so cute!!

    Yes, your face is changing, but you'll always look youthful. You'll appreciate that when you get older.

  3. omg..najbol drugačna si na slikci z fru frujem :D :D sej ti kr paše ''staranje''(pomlajanje) ;)

  4. Pretty... :) Najbolj v blond verziji. <3

  5. meni si najbolj všeč z rdečimi in temno blond. :)

  6. RED!!!!!!!! <3 the red! But I also like the blonde too. Its great you are confident enough to experiment!! x

  7. Helena: Hahaha upam da res :D

    Julianne: Thank you dear <3

    Shybiker: Hopefully that's true. I want to look young when I'm 50! xD

    Passing Fancy: Hihih, kar pase ane? Hvala... fru fru pa res spremeni ful..

    Suzana: Hvala!

    Masha: Temno blond sem au natural ;)

    Tali:Thank you dear. It's not that I'm confident I just get bored very easily.. <3


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