Haul and a swap!

Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to post a make up look, but I was actually too lazy/didn't have enough time to do it. But I decided to post my haul anyway..
I went to Müller and got myself some random stuff, which hopefully will serve me well.

I also swapped some nail polishes with a very nice girl on ArsCosmetica forum. She sent me some really nice items <3! Thank you!

Anyway, lets move on to the pictures. Btw, do you like them so big, or you preferred them small?

Muller haul; less than 13€

  • Muller curler change pads (however they are called), I also realized that on my electric curler you can't take them off. Damn!
  • Terra Naturi (natural line from Muller) make up remover (non waterproof)
  • Blink bags for nice smelling wardrobe. They are very convenient, 3 of them for less than 2€ and 1 lasts you for months!
  • Curaprox dental floss
  • Terra Naturi eye cream (it's time to start using one, fine lines want to show up already! :< )

After that, I went again to Muller and got two things. I actually wanted to get the automatic stuff to file my nails (with 6 different files, anyone has it?!) but after I talked with my sis on the phone she said that maybe that's not a great idea, so I didn't take it. If you have any experience with those machines (Automatic nail file) please to write it in the comments!

  • Blistex Lip relief cream (I don't think it's suitable for sensitive lips, since it contains LOTS of menthol).
  • Essence 6 in 1 buffer file. I got my glass file, but It's only great to gently shorten my nails.. nothing else.
I also spent lots of money on wall paint (pink and dark pink since I'm getting a new room) and this weekend it's 'party' time, since I'll be dying my room D:!

Now the swap... 

  • Kiko nail polish (I tried this brand, and it rocks!)
  • Vollare eyeshadow 
  • Essence back to the beach cream eyeshadow
  • Essence Go Snow purple nail polish (very subtle, pretty!)
  • Elf dark blue liquid liner
  • Labello Dragon fruit lip balsam (I like it, but I am not a huge fan of colored lip balsams, especially such ones that stain the skin around your moth so you look like you had flu)
  • Essence lipstick in pencil (gorgeous, pink shade!)
  • Alverde blue eye pencil
  • Essence lip pencil
  • Essence purple eye pencil
  • Artisteer purple blush (works really well with my porcelain skin)
  • Essence nail stickers.
  • Glitter  
I'm really happy with the swap, hopefully she is too.

When my room will be done, I'll take some pictures! <3


  1. Great goodies, especially the swap!

    I prefer bigger pictures (=

  2. Fajn nakup in swap! Večje slikce so super!

  3. Maestra: Super, tudi sama rada gledam veeeliiiike slike! :D

    Gaby: Yes the girl from the swap was reaaaaly nice <3! I love new stuff.. even if I have way too much cosmetics anyway.


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