Review: SkinFood Aloe Vera BB Cream

Hello, lovelies!
As the heat goes on strong (and I'm melting here) I decided to post this review... :) 
I have tried all three of the Skinfood BB creams and I must say I love the Mushroom one the most. 

Here is the SkinFood Mushroom BB review, if you need to refresh your memory :D!

Anyway, I got this BB cream from my first swap (and so far last one), and I was really happy about it!

I have the #2 because it has a pink undertone to it. 
I read great stuff about its oil control, so I heard it's really appropriate for combination skin.
But let's move onto my experience with it.

Off/On BB cream on hand

Coverage:  Sheer
Texture: Really creamy, a bit thicker.
Shade:  #2 (lighter with pink undertones)
Fragrance: Some gentle semi-fresh smell.
Oil-Control:  Medium.
Dewy or Matte (finish): Dewy

I must  say that the coverage is well... poor. Sheer to say. But that's OK during summer when I need a lighter thing on my skin. It also has SPF 20 which is always a plus.

It spreads easily, even if the texture is a bit thicker than your average cream, but yet very creamy. The fragrance is also very nice. 

As you can see, I have uneven skin tone, larger pores and here and there some problematic areas (acne).

It worked nicely with my combination skin (during summer it's more oily than during winter), and I had to re-blot only once in 6 hours.
But sadly it doesn't survive sweating. Not at all! I put it on, went out for a couple of hours (like 2) and when I got back I had no more make up on! It's terrible. 
I was hoping that a BB cream aimed for the Asian marked would have survived humid weather.

+The tube is really hygienic
+Pleasant scent
+Nice design
+Creamy texture
+Easy to apply
+Little goes a long way.

-Doesn't survive hot and humid weather (summer here)
-Doesn't stay on all day long.
-Is very sheer.
-Has only SPF 20.
-Oil control isn't THAT good.

Price: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥ (11$)
Rating: 3/5 ♥♥♥

Well, I do like it, but I guess it'll be more useful during Fall or Winter. :)
But after all, it's a good BB cream, especially for those who want just a hint of foundation on their skin and a dewy look. I don't really go for the dewy look during summer, so I always finish my MU with setting powder.

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  1. Thanks for the review!! I'll probably skip this one then. I really want to try the Missha or Skin79 one ^^


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