I went clothes shopping!

Hello lovelies!
I deiced that this month I'll spend my € on clothes (and shoes), instead of cosmetics... 
And since I've been a good girl (and there are SALES all over the place) I bought a couple of things..

So... what's better than pictures (except great pictures? which mine aren't)? 

I decided I wanted a more girly style...   And keep in mind, I don't want to spent a lot of € on clothes when shopping. :)

(H&M 10€)

(H&M 5€)

(Ann Christine 5€)

Shorts! :D (H&M 3€)

Sorry for the shi**y photo (H&M 3€)

Tops/bras whatever really.(H&M 4€)
(Ann Christine 3€)

(Ann Christine 1€)

(Ann Christine 1€)

(Ann Christine 3€)

A PJ! (H&M 10€)

A swimsuit (Hervis 20€)

Close up

Running Sneakers -I'm just starting (Hervis 20€)

And last thing (for now lol), flip flops (Hervis 5€)


  1. Kok luškan nakup! Najbolj všeč mi je majčka z mucko. <3

    Tudi sama imam pižamo iz H&M - Snoopya - Ampak je spodnji del totalno nenosljiv - se mi je tok raztegnu, pa še S sm kupla, zdj pa zgleda k XXXXL. :D

  2. Ivana: Hvala! :D Ja tale mucka je totalno vsec prav vsem, hihihi...
    Upam da se meni spodnji del ne bo razsiril... o.O

    With love, Ana: Hvala! *

  3. Hej...ful si si kupla dobre stvari. Mi poveš kje je ta trgovina Ann Christine? Prvič slišim za to znamko..a je znamka? :))

  4. Hejla Pinky! :D Welcome na blogu! :)
    Ann Christine je menda samo v Celju in v Kopru.
    Tukaj je v Planetu Tus, tam pa tudi....
    Je pa trgovina ala new yorker, samo da cilja na drugo publiko (cisto moj stil xD).


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