Review: Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream

I promised this review... uhm six months ago.
But but,...  I was testing it out, I promise! I was testing it so much that I stopped using my other foundations and that now I'm really running out of it :).

The Mushrom BB cream:

Here you can see that it's in bad shape, because well, it's almost empty. It's sad, but every BB cream has to come to an end..

The back:

I have no idea what it's written there. I have no idea if it has SPF UVA/UVB. I know it was some SPF, but not which type.
If I am not mistaken, it is written in Korean.

Okay lets start with basic info.

What is a BB cream?
BB cream is tinted cream aka foundation with skin care proprieties. You shouldn't sleep with it, you should treat it as regular make up, which means that you need to use another face cream before applying the BB cream.
It was firstly designed for those who went through beauty surgery but wanted to look good during recovery. It helps with scars, blemishes and so on. Different brands have different proprieties and texture.
Plus, it's the hottest trend in Korea!

What does Mushroom BB cream do?
This triple-function BB cream provides UV protection and deep moisturization to skin with aloe and mushroom extracts, while arbutin and adenosine make skin clear and resilient.

The price?
I got it from ebay for $14 with free shipping for 50ml of product. You can probably get it cheaper.

Coverage:  Sheer but buildable
Texture: Creamy
Shade:  #1 (lighter with a bit of pink)
Fragrance: Gentle smell of fresh cut grass, I love this smell!
Oil-Control:  Medium.
Dewy or Matte (finish): Dewy

This was my second BB cream to try, the first was the Ginko BB cream, from the same brand.
The BB cream has better oil control that Ginko BB cream, but then again I have to blot my face after about three hours, so it's not the best for oily/combo skin. If I am not mistaken it's best for normal skin.
I really liked the BB cream. Because of it I felt no need for regular foundations on an every day basis. But I used a foundation over the BB cream, when I wanted more coverage.

You can see that it has a light pink undertone.
Now that I came to the end of the tube, it's really hard to control how much product will come out.


As you can see it offers little coverage, but it did brighten up my face.
I had no break outs from it, in fact my skin got really better.

+Perfect tone match for me!
+It's easy to blend.
+It does stay on for the whole day, even if I have to set it with powder.
+It's relatively cheap for the amount you get.
+It lasted me 6 months of every day use.
+A little goes a damn long way!
+The package is really pretty.

-Not so good oil control.
-Comes in two shades only.

I firstly clean my face, then I put on some toner. I don't let it set, but instead I put on some daily cream right after. This way I do not use so much cream, and I get a more fresh feeling on my face.
After waiting for about three minutes, I apply the BB cream. I put a bit on my hand then with my finger, I apply it on, so I have 5 dots of cream on my face.  Then I blend it, blend it and again blend it. I wait for another three minutes and then I set it with powder. Ole' I'm done!
 Before I go to sleep, I take everything off. It's not nice to sleep with your foundation/BB cream on!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5

I think this is a nice BB cream. It comes in two shades, #1 and #2, the #1 being the lighter shade with a slight pink undertone. It was a perfect match for me! It worked really well, I had no breakouts, no weird pimples and my skin got a tad better.
I would probably buy it again, but.. first I need to try some other brands! :D
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