Review: Innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream

I got this BB cream in a swap and I must say that I love it. At first, I thought that it gives too much coverage, but I learned how to work with it.

It comes in a 40 ml tube, but I had it for a couple of months and there's still 1/3 left even if I used it daily.
It has SPF 40, which is a great thing.
I also read that it contains natural ingredients, but I can't check that anywhere because it's written in Korean.

It costs about $20 on Ebay, which is a bit pricier than the other BB creams I tried.
But I think it's worth it.

On my hand

This is the amount that could cover two faces (or give you some serious coverage).  I got distracted and didn't realize that I squeezed too much out of the tube.

Coverage:  Full
Texture: Thick but Creamy
Shade:  #1 (lightest)
Fragrance:  Herbal maybe?
Oil-Control:  So-So.
Dewy or Matte (finish): Dewy
 Some before and after pictures

I really like it, in terms of coverage. At the time I got it, I didn't need it, but now that my skin is well messed up, it comes handy!
It looks really natural, and it's the perfect shade for me. 

+The scent
+A little bit goes a long way
+The color is perfect match for me
+Has SPF 40
+Comes in a tube which is very hygienic
+I like the minimalistic design

-Oil Control (tho it's still better than the SkinFood Ginko/Aloe and Mushroom BB Cream)
-Ingredients are written in Korean

I think that this is one of the best BB creams I've ever had. I'd love it even more if I didn't have to blot my face every 5 hours or so. Tho with a good setting powder the problem is easily fixed.

Rating:  5/5  ♥ 
Price: 4/5  ♥  (about 20$) 
Overall: I do like it a lot. It has great coverage, some oil control (I have combination skin with an oily T-zone) and it's the perfect match for my skin tone. The scent it good, especially for me because I hate perfumed scents in BB creams. I think this is one of those rare BB creams that have absolutely good coverage. The texture is creamy, tho on the thicker side, so I apply mine with a stippling brush for a more natural result.
I think I will buy it again, when I run out of it because honestly, it's good! 


  1. Super! Kateri odtenek pa imaš ti?


  2. Andreja: hej! :) Sem ravnokar videla da se na slikici vidi.. Imam namrec odtenek stevilka 1. Sta samo dva... :) Mislim da je 2. rumenkast ampak nisem povsem prepricana.

  3. ohhh i shud have got two of these,one for u and one for me!
    dewy finish is the best1i used to like matte ones but not anymore

    glad it works for u!!:)

  4. That looks great!
    How do you put on your BB Cream? I just got mine in the mail and tried it yesterday. Do you pat it on with a finger like you do with a concealer? Or do you rub it on? I find that when I rubbed it on, it doesn't tend to show....

  5. Julianne: Thanks! I apply it with a stippling brush. I used to apply it with my fingers (just blend it in , like rubbing it in), but then I got this life saviour stippling brush and now this is pretty much it!

  6. looks like a great product! :) beautiful on your skin. thanks for reviewing.


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