FOTD: Natural Ullzang

I wanted to try if I could make a similar make up that all those girls do daily....  
Well I did it and I think it was pretty easy, because I was going for a very natural look.
Of course I'm not Asian, nor do I look even half as good as they do (and I can't take good selca pics!), but I'm pleased with the result! :D

I used:

*Beaucon Shimmer Gray lenses
*E.L.F liquid liner in brown
*Essence Black Mania mascara
*Essence Brown Matte eyeshadow for the crease
*GOSH Shimmer shadow all over the lids

*Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow powder in Warm Gold

*Innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream
*MUFA Setting Powder
*Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm

*Random Red pencil
*Radom red gloss
*some of the BB cream

Eye Make up:


Full face:

And some 'selca' pictures..

(sorry for the shitty blur, the BG was messy, because I forgot to check what was behind me!)

I love the lips, and I can't wait to get my lip stain to keep it simple!


  1. Ch-- what are you talking about? You look super dolly! :33 Adorable and rather ulzzang-y in those pics.

    And yeah... Selca can take a while to become good at. D: Still, you look amazing and the makeup seems fairly simple to pull off.

  2. you look super cute. I like how your lip looks too :) How did you get the colours to look like that?

  3. Noxin: You're way too kind, and you know it! :D
    And the make up, is amazingly easy! One of the easiest I ever did.. o.O

    Mint: I concealed 1/3 of my lips (by mistake, but I liked the result) and then applied the red pencil in the inner parts of my lips so they look bitten.. and over it applied some gloss...
    But you can achive such a look easier with a lip stain... :)!

  4. Oooo super make-up!! Tak preprost, vendar ti še vedno zelo lepo poudari oči! Čudovite slike si naredila! <3<3<3


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