Fyrinnae Polar Bear

This eyeshadow is one of those that at first I didn't really think I'd like. When I saw it, I was like 'wow', but only when I wore it for the first time, I realized how magical it is!

The official description:
White-gold, shimmery and soft (brilliant gold when the light hits it, but not yellow). Like the hue of a polar bear's fur in the summer. Part of the 2008 Endangered Collection.
A portion of proceeds from the sale of these shades will go to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect endangered species throughout the world. 

But I must say that I see some pinkish hues in it, it's hard to explain and even harder to photograph..




This is one of those colors that suit every skin tone! I tried it on myself, and was amazed..   

On me (+Aztec Gold)

On a friend (she has tanned warm skin)

I cannot stress enough how gorgeous this is...  ah wow! xD Sorry, I'm kinda speechless because I'm so excited over Fyirnnae's eye shadows....   

Stay cool,
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