Fyrinnae Polar Bear

This eyeshadow is one of those that at first I didn't really think I'd like. When I saw it, I was like 'wow', but only when I wore it for the first time, I realized how magical it is!

The official description:
White-gold, shimmery and soft (brilliant gold when the light hits it, but not yellow). Like the hue of a polar bear's fur in the summer. Part of the 2008 Endangered Collection.
A portion of proceeds from the sale of these shades will go to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect endangered species throughout the world. 

But I must say that I see some pinkish hues in it, it's hard to explain and even harder to photograph..




This is one of those colors that suit every skin tone! I tried it on myself, and was amazed..   

On me (+Aztec Gold)

On a friend (she has tanned warm skin)

I cannot stress enough how gorgeous this is...  ah wow! xD Sorry, I'm kinda speechless because I'm so excited over Fyirnnae's eye shadows....   

Stay cool,


  1. That looks really nice! I like how they say that part of the proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund. What made you buy it in the first place if you didn't think that you would like it? lol.

  2. Julianne: That's because I saw some video swatches and I liked it. Then when I was ordering from the site, the picture swatches weren't really accurate so I kind of forgot how pretty it really is ;).


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