What, what? It glows in the dark?

Yesterday I ordered a clock I wanted for a while now. It's minimalistic, comes in lots of colors and there's a version that glows in the dark.
Yes you read it right!

They come in two sizes, M and L. I got the M and it fits well. It is made out of silicone and it's waterproof. 
The price is affordable too - 18€!


I was just checking the new models (Remixed by Tony Ranidro) and I'm in love. I'm thinking about starting to collect them.

And when it glows.. :)

How do you like it? I think it will be perfect for water activities, sport and so on..  <3! It's so minimalistic you have to love it!


  1. omg love the plain design.. also love how it comes in a jar!

  2. Nusa Ann: Jaz tudi, jaz tudi! Enim niso vsec, meni pa cisto sedejo.. :)

    VaLili: I love the jar idea too! So fancy! :D


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