Why my feet will be soft + Hoodie + CS

I have this weird problem. My feet, no matter which cream/peeling I use and no matter ho much I torture them with buffers and similar stuff, well they are always harder than my boy's feet.
At this point, I think it's genetic. My feet ARE soft, but his are SOFTER! 

So to keep them soft and polished I bought a couple of things today..

* A disc buffer
* A two sided buffer
* A peeling
* Feet patches

I also got my order from CoastalScents... 

It came so nicely packed

Finally I will get to try the infamous Brush Guard!

And as the last thing...   I got myself a hoodie from the opening of Planet Tus (New Yorker). I love hoodies, they are so casual and very comfortable.

Image is from Newyorker.de

On my pictures the colors are more realistic..

Well that is about it for today, enjoy your evening!

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