UDPP vs Proof 10 Swatches!

Today I got my 2nd part of the swatch with Vanilla. In it, there was the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. I wanted to try it since I read so many great things about it.

Well for today here are only some swatches and comparison pictures, but the review will have to wait some time. 
And I have just created a watermark! :D It is nothing special, but so far I like it. What do you think about it?

Here are both of them


Both have creamy structure, UDPP is a tad darker (more like my skin tone and Proof 10 is lighter). They both have the same artificial scent. UDPP is a bit thicker too, but not a lot.

Closeup 1

Closeup 2

As you can see UDPP 'eats' shimmer eye shadows. I mean not literally, but on mine, they do not show up all that good.  I applied the eyeshadow with my finger tapping it on the spot. 

And now a bonus picture

I used (From left up to right): LimeCrime Siren, SweetScents Cactus blossom, SweetScents Teal Shimmer, SweetScents Pink Topaz.

Which eye primer is the best in your opinion? Does it matter if it is a well-known brand or not?


  1. Tudi meni ti primerji niso kaj prida. TFI ipd. me je razočaral, tako da najraje uporabim kremno senčko v bež barvi, in sicer od Avona Anew senčko v odtenku Bare.

  2. Wow proof 10 definitely wins!
    I was informed that Elf mineral eyeshadow base is as good as UDPP too. But Etude is available here so I think I might try Etude first when I run out of my UDPP.

  3. Meow *.* Where can I get Proof 10 in Portugal? It seems to be great!


  4. Biba: Ja, samo meni se ful mastijo veke.. :( Na zalost ne morem uporabiti samo krem sencke :/

    Guida: I think your best bet is Ebay. Etude house sells only in Asian countries. On Ebay it's about 14$, which is cheap if you're not from the USA. I mean there's UDPP 17$, but I paid 25$ for it.. so yah, quite a difference. *hugs*

    Fifi: If you have the chance, go for it ;)!

  5. I love the Etude Proof 10 primer! I've never tried the UDPP, but the Proof 10 primer is good enough for me. I've always had a problem with creasing and with eyeliner ending up on my crease but my woes were gone when I started using Proof 10. For the low price, I think it's def worth it =)

  6. i think etude house Proof 10 is pretty impressive according to your swatches

  7. wow, Proof 10 is better than UDPP! that's really awesome ;D

  8. Coco: That is great to hear! I still have to test it out for the creasing part.

    Ning*star: It is pretty impressive.. but later when I test it for good, I'll make a review!

    Dina: xD It looks impressive so far!

  9. I like the ones with proof 10 underneath since it gives justice to the shimmers of the shadows and it's a lot cheaper too!

  10. You should try UDPP Sin. It's much better with shimmer eyeshadows ;-)


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