NOTD: Dots and a Heart

 Today I have upgraded my manicure from yesterday (Essence Very Berry).

I also realized that my left hand is more shaky than the right one (I am left handed). So the dots in the heart look way better on my left hand, lol.

Anyway here it is!

I used :
ManGlaze Matte is Murder for the black part,
Essence Jelly Berry for the berry part,
Pink and White acrylic paint for the dots mixed together,
Jessica Brilliance Top coat.


(The Hello Kitty thing is my Ipod)


Baaah my cuticles look terrible!! But only on this photo the design shows better.. so yah...

I did the dots with a dotting tool I got in a set with nail art brushes for about 3$.


  1. i love it! looks so beautiful will look great with a summer dress too!

  2. NO WAY!
    too pretty!!
    actually my SPA project isnt even 10% complete yet,i dont relle know what to do!lol

  3. Cute!!!

    Love it so much..

    Can you do some tutorial video for this? I always can't do the right things..

  4. Helena: Hehe hvala :)).

    Jhoy: Thank you! It seems perfect for summer yess!

    Lyra: Hvala ti :D*

    Vanilla: I'm so happy you like it! And hmm... well I liked the glass thing, 10% is better than 1% ;).

    Josephinechoo: I'm not sure how to make a video tutorial. Hmmm... I can try, yes..

    Gaby: Thank you! ^^

    Glidedangel: Thank you! :D

  5. What? Your cuticles are to die for. I wish mine were in that enviable state. But I have to compliment you on this super cute nail design. This could be a winner in a coming contest at parokeets, if you aks me. I absolutely love it!

  6. Mylanqolia: You are too nice! They were absolutely dried out, and I think now I know what did that to them... my hand cream o.o. It felt gorgeously on the hands, but it did absolutely nothing for my cuticles...
    Thank you for the compliment about the nails. Now mine are short and not really presentable :(.


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