NOTD: Canmake pink

I got this pink nail polish from Vanilla in a swap! :D

It is very sheer, so I applied a nude color under it, and then it took two layers to be completely opaque.


Alone it was quite boring, so I added a sticker. Now it's cute, and I'm pretty sure my dear would love this manicure. 

How do you like 'safe' nail polishes? The ones that are barely there, and are in nude tones?


  1. I think its pretty and it gives your nails a hint of color.

  2. I really like this color! :3

  3. OMG so pretty!!i/m sorry its so sheer!
    but u used another nude as base coat,pretty!:)

  4. I really like how you added the sticker! It's simple but yet adds just enough extra :)

  5. I'm absolutely a huge fan of nude/neutral nails! I love your nails with this nail color and the cute little sticker a lot! So clean, yet elegant!

  6. it looks really nice. Neutral with hint of shimmer. gorgeous!

  7. your NOTD looks really pretty!

  8. i love it! i don't like a lot of colors, especially bright or very dark, on my nails... so i'm really digging this! :)

  9. Thank you girls! I'm really happy that all of you love this color. Even if it's so subtle.

    And I agree, that sticker gives it a little something more.

    Vanilla: Don't worry lol. The nude trick worked really well, so I don't mind it at all! <3


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