Review: Essie Good To Go

Today I wanted to write a review about an item, without which I cannot survive. Honestly, I can't. 


It's Essie Good to Go! Now It's been almost a year that my obsession with nail polishes started. Then I didn't use a base coat or a top coat, so my nail polish was drying for HOURS and it wasn't all that resistant. After some time I have read about this little wonder, Good to Go, and I wanted to try it out.


  It actually worked, and it shortened my drying time from 2 hours + to max 20 minutes! Isn't that a real improvement?

+It helps nail polishes to dry faster 
+It lasts a while 
+It comes in a pretty, shiny box
+Turns every nail polish into utter glossy 
+The brush is just perfect! 

-The price (here it is 10€) 
-At the end it gets really thick and you have to use nail polish thinner, to make it usable 

Price: 1/5 

How I use it: 
After I have applied nail polish on all my nails, I wait a second or two and then I take plenty of G2G on the brush and apply it. Why plenty? Because if I'd take just a tiny bit, it would smudge all over my fresh nail polish. Then I wait lets say 20 minutes and I'm done. But if I want to draw on my nails, or anything similar, I'd do it after 15 minutes, just to be sure. 

This is actually a really good product. Now I'm on my 2nd bottle, and I have been without for two months. In that time, I hated doing my nails. It would take me some time to apply nail polish and then hours of drying time, during which I'd be half stuck to my chair because I could hardly use my hands! It is truly a life savior, because it wasn't for it, I wouldn't be doing my nails.


  1. Ahhhh! This must be the solution to my nail polish related problems! Everytime I do my nails, I spend ages because I paint them, remove them, paint them, remove them several times because I always managed to imprint/smudge the polish when it's in the process of drying. I'm so impatient!! ><

  2. Jian, I am really impatient too! I did the same as you do, a while ago.. before G2G. I hate waiting, so a fast drying top coat was the best solution for me.

  3. Ooh! I should try this! I always always always mess up my nails after doing them and I HATE the sheet lines I get after I wake up in the morning! UGH

  4. I have a tiny sample bottle of this. I'll have to try it.

  5. Lucy: You do have to try it, yes! If it's your first quick drying top polish, you'll see the difference..


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