Apple Super Lash Black Mascara

Hello! Lately I haven't been so active because of work. I was first sick, then I had to work.. And I worked yesterday, today I went sailing (that's why the red eyes) and tomorrow I will work again. I won't be blogging all that much for the next three days, simply because working 10h/day is killing my imagination. Plus I'm looking for a new job opportunity, which is interesting too. I think. So lets move to this little miracle in a bottle. Okay not exactly a miracle. It's a mascara from Mexico, and some people dislike it because it's from Mexico. Yesh. It's a super cheap mascara (2,5$), so it's suitable for every ones pocket.
The wand is pretty common: 'nude' lashes: With mascara: Comparison:
Overall: I like it so far. But I thought it wasn't a water resistant mascara. But it probably is, since I took a shower with it and nada, it didn't sting, it didn't get off. Nothing. So far I love it, it deserves all the 5 stars! Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥/5 Price: ♥♥♥♥♥/5 For today this is it. From my red eyes you can tell I need sleep ;). xoxo, Tamara


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  2. omg its amazing !
    and 2.5 bucks ?wowww

  3. where were you able to find these?!?! im so jealous..

  4. Extreme Mancala: Hey dear, you can get these on Ebay. :)


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