Beauty packages in the mail!

Heya! ♥ Today my mom called me to tell me, that I got three packages. And that they are tied together. Boh? Ookay, I was really happy, because I thought that an eye pencil came from China, which I ordered from Ebay. But nooo, it was even better! The first package was from the gorgeous Amy Naree! I didn't expect it to arrive so quickly. Hmm.. It took less than a month! Superb! She is so generous! She sent me LOTS of goodies, love em! Now my make up collection is growing :D! Sadly the nude lip gloss broke in the package, so everything was dirty when I got it. And a pencil from NYX broke too, but I loved the color so I sharpened it, and wole! Good as new, just shorter! That lip gloss would make the best base for ANY lip gloss, since my lips are quite pigmented already. Gorgeous, but sadly, gone into the trash bin :((. Look at the goodies! *Revlon Cream Eye shadows (I was looking for those in our stores, but sadly they aren't sold here) *Kate eyeshadow palette (not available here!) *Skin Food Gold Caviar Emulsion sample *Apple super lash mascara (I think I'm obsessed with mascaras lately - this one works perfectly for me - I already tried it yesh!) *2x NXY eye pencils *Maybelline Shadow stylist (gorgeous gorgeous color!) *Plum lipstick *Milani lipstick in 209 *Stila lip glaze All of these items are completely exotic for me :D! Thank you dear! They'll be perfect for my everyday use! ^^ ♥♥ The second package was for my sister, so I have no idea why the post tied it with the other packages... And the last one was for me, from Eyeko. I ordered three fat balms from them. I was too excited to wait for them patiently.. They came in a week ^^. Which is pretty fast! The rehab lip balm is the freebie gift ^^! The balms smell as their names suggest they do. The mint one, smells like chewing gum in mint, the strawberry like strawberry candy (YUM!), raspberry like those candies.. It's cute, and I love the boxed so much, that I keep them in them! Close up of the upper part of the raspberry fat balm: Love love love everything! ^^
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