NOTD: Trying the acrylics with nail polish

Hello ladies! 
Earlier this morning I saw a blog post where a girl posted her NOTD which was inspired by one of Eki's scans of a Jap magazine. Sadly I couldn't find the blog post anymore, but I found out the mag scan! My nail polish was chipped on one nail, and I also got bored of it, so I decided to change color :)! I used the Alessandro Vamp LE gray nail polish as a base.

I don't like its look on my nails! It makes them look more red (in RL) and it looks blueish! Then I added a first line of dots with the other Vamp LE nail polish that I bought some time ago. The dots weren't really visible so I decided to check the scan again and saw that she used Acrylic paint! Of course, each time I was cleaning my palettes with acrylic paint on it, and I had nail polish on.. well every time I ended with stained nail polish from the acrylic paint that didn't want to go off! So why not!? I took the red and white acrylic paint. I must say that my hand isn't the staidest, so the dots aren't really dots and they're not all in a nice line..

I think it's cute! xD I also played around in xiuxiu meitu.. and here's what I came out with!



  1. I love this!! I never thought about using acrylics--this is really helpful, I will do this!!

  2. awww.. how cute....& what a great idea, never thought of using acrylic paints!

  3. Seems it is easy to make ourselves different...with colorful spots...


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