Twin sis :))

  I know that some people started asking if my sis has a double blog, lol. So I decided to share a picture where we are BOTH on it. The image is clickable, so go ahead and click it ;).


  1. wow... look alike.. so good to have a twin sis~

  2. oh, i see i see
    thank you for your comment :3
    I think i will look for this mascara, because I still have foundation. ^^ foundation later ^^
    about eye-shadows... no no, it's emm... Ruby Rose. It's not very famous. It's very cheap. I think maybe only in Poland or something

    thank you for your tips ^^

  3. This pic is gorgeous. I love it! And you two are the cutest twins ever! ;)

  4. i love the pictures! you're both super cute! lol love the polka dot dress


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