NOTD: A bit overdone

Ah, yesterday night I wanted to try out the nail polish I was neglecting for so long. The nivea nail polish! I got it once when I went for a make over on our national TV (hahaha I had some hell of a long text, but later I refused to watch it on tv). It was fun, but at that time the nail polish was just too colored and strong for me. It's from the calcium series, a cherry color. After it dried I added my new mini manhattan nail polish on half of the nail (bough it some time ago) and added rhinestones. I would like it better if I wouldn't run out of the small stones :(. I like how it came out on the thumb tho. The apply is a bit sloppy, because I didn't think I would like the Nivea nail polish at all, but weirdly it does apply really nicely, and it's pretty opaque too! So the pictures?! Now I'm worried. Tomorrow I will go to work and I think that the nails are a bit overdone. But we don't have a dress code or anything like that, so .. who knows?


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