Igoogle help? + contest help?

Google has this wonderful gadged or w/e it is, in which can be added so many things.. Untill this morning I had this thing called 'blogger comments' with what I saw all the last comments I got on my blog. Cool ehh? But I deleted it, becuase it didn't want to show them anymore and when I readded it .. well I couldn't find a button or w/e where to put my blogger ID. Help? How can I fix this and where? I want to be able to see the new comments agan without checking each post over and over again... Btw did you know that you have on your top left side a search tab with which you can search through the whole blog?! It's perfect! :) Contests: Does any of you know of make up contest going on on blogger? I'd really love to enter some more and I'd really appreciate it if you could link me to some? *
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