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Skincare routine - photo of skincare products

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Today I am writing about my updated skincare routine. That's because I feel I'm finally back into the "fun" part of skincare, compared to when I was slathering my skin into heavy creams (because of allergies).  If you are curious you can read my last skincare routine. When I was buying all the fun pots of magic (pretty Korean cosmetics). I still enjoy pretty pots, but now I'm more about finding something that works for me and sticking to it. 
This time my skincare routine wasn't solely composed by myself, but I got help from Hana (who runs a lovely cosmetics store in Slovenia - ). Shout out to Hana! :)
Without further ado, let's see what I'm currently using.


I prefer to use double cleansing with the first step being a nice oil emulsion or a cleansing balm and the second a regular, gentle cleanser.
This way I can be sure that all the SPF is removed from my skin before I continue with my skincare routine.

I forgot to take a picture of my second cleanser - it completely escaped my mind. :o 

I usually like thicker oil cleansers, but in a pinch, this Balea Cleansing Oil works for me. It's a very thin type of oil so I end up using more of it. But I don't mind as it's very inexpensive. 

I also picked up a new product from Balea - a cleansing balm with 3% squalane. I tried it a couple of times and it's actually lovely. It has no scent per se.

For my second cleaning, I use Skintra Hug Your Skin, which is a creamy gentle cleanser. It's a very gentle cleansing product. 

In addition to gentle cleansing ingredients, the emulsion also contains ingredients that support the hydrolipid barrier, so it not only cleanses the skin, but also helps to maintain an adequate level of hydration and has a nurturing effect already at the washing stage. 
Let your skin enjoy a little pleasure. Our emulsion has a velvety, creamy texture that makes every cleansing not only a beauty ritual, but also a moment of relaxation for your skin.

Cleansing products by Balea


What to say, I love random skin toners even if they are just plain old water. I used a rose hydrolate for a very long time, but now I use a toner with galactomyces which my skin loves.
At least it did in the past, for now, I'm still trying to learn as I go. :)

Luckily for me, this product has both my loves in one product (rose water + galactomyces). It's the IUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner. I use it before I apply anything else and I use it mostly during the evening routine. 

IUNIK galactomyces toner

Then I use one of the two fun serums from Skintra (because it has very simple and gentle formulations that work for my skin). 
The first one is named Everything That Your Skin Will Love which is this lovely hydrating serum. I used it while I was switching my routine and it honestly worked wonders. My skin was very dehydrated and when I induced this serum into my routine, it got back to happy and bouncy. I am not saying that it's a miracle product, but that it has enough moisture that it helps my skin. And funny enough I just realized that it also has galactomyces in it (I never read the label, uhh). :)

A tonic whose task is not only to restore the physiological pH of our skin. It has a multifunctional application based on multifunctional ingredients. Thanks to its ultra-light emulsion formula, it can be used as a cream, whose moisturizing, smoothing and softening properties were achieved mainly through hydrophilic (water-loving) ingredients.

The second serum/tonic is Let Your Skin Drink Up which is a similar product to the one mentioned before, but stronger. Thus in a stronger bottle. 

An abundance of prebiotics and ferments intensively condition the skin microbiome to physiologically calm bacterial acne, soothe eczema and stimulate repair mechanisms. Hydrophilic active ingredients have a strong sebostatic effect, reduce active acne, soothe and accelerate regeneration processes. You will experience the full range of properties after several applications and they will last for a long time.

Both are wonderful and both are used differently in my routine. The lighter one, Everything That Your Skin Will Love I use daily before my moisturizer. While Let Your Skin Drink Up I use after stronger products (retinal, acids). It helps to give my skin a bit more of an ommmph. 

Skintra Everything your skin will love & Skintra let your skin drink up

Next in line is a wonderful cream which I love using very much. It's the APIS Hydro Evolution. It is very moisturizing which I enjoy. 

Before this one, I also had another brilliant cream by APIS that is now discontinued. It was called Cleopatra's secret. It was a tad heavier but still amazing. 

Intensive moisture participation – Apis Hydro Evolution ultra-light face cream effectively binds water in the skin. This smooths the complexion and makes it supple. It protects the natural barrier of the epidermis and thus prevents drying out.
Excellent composition – the intensively moisturising face cream Apis Hydro Evolution contains a unique Aquaxtreme complex and hyaluronic acid. The cosmetic also contains pear, flax and aloe vera extracts.

APIS Hydro evolution cream


We all know that sunscreen is a must, right? Especially during warmer days and well, daily if you're using active ingredients like retinal, acids, etc. 

This time I was looking for a very light chemical sunscreen and I got exactly that. This is the Abib Heartleaf Sun Essence.
The sunscreen is very watery but easy to apply. It has no scent which is always lovely.  It is very light and finally, I'm not all sweaty after using sunscreen!

The biggest downside is that it will slowly move towards my eyes which will in turn feel heavy or even sometimes burn after a prolonged wear. 

CALMING SUNCARE: Protect your skin with a drop of Houttuynia cordata every day. 50,000 ppm of heartleaf extract not only calming your skin but also providing sun protection.
LIGHT ABSORB: Ultra-light essence textured sunscreen leaves no whitecast and is completely invisible on the skin with the moisturized finish.

Abib Calming drop sunscreen


With my newly updated skincare routine came a special cream with retinal. Not retinol because it's now banned in Europe in higher concentrations (over the counter). 
Eeny Meeny Active Cream with Retinal is a lovely cream with 0,05% retinal and it works perfectly for me. 
It is such a low dosage that my skin gets only a tiny bit dryer when I use it every 2nd day. But the benefits from use are immense. I can notice an immediate (okay overnight) change in the redness of my skin (rosacea) and it even helped me with that small pesky acne.
But seriously, seeing my skin without any redness was such a life-changing moment. As in I knew I had a neutral undertone but I felt like it was pink with all the redness. And after a night of using the cream, I woke up with my skin looking good. No more redness! 

ACTIVE CREAM WITH RETINAL is a product recommended for the people who want to effectively prevent skin aging, as well as improve its condition and appearance. The cream is suitable for the care of all skin  types, especially mature, lacking firmness, elasticity and acne prone to imperfections. The cosmetic rich in retinal of natural origin, i.e. a derivative of vitamin A, has a visible anti-wrinkle, regulating and smoothing effect. It evens out the skin tone, supports its regenerative processes, and participates in the synthesis of collagen, thus delaying the aging process. The cream, enriched with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, also prevents possible irritation and dryness. Long-term and regular use of the cosmetic visibly improves the appearance and condition of the skin.

The second product is a prescription cream for acne. During my IVF cycle, I couldn't use a retinal product, so I switched to Skinoren.

It's a strong formula of azelaic acid. It helps with acne and melasma. I remember getting it when I was a teenager with exactly zero instructions. So I just applied a bunch of the cream and went to town.
But this cream is unpleasant, to say the least. It is a bit dry (weird texture tbh) and makes the skin feel super dry when applied. But that's not all. It is also very white and itchy. The itchiness subdues after a couple of minutes, but it is bad if you don't know what to expect. 

Luckily I use it just a couple of times per week and in such small quantities that I can survive the itchiness. However, it's a very unpleasant cream and I do totally understand why it's on prescription only. 

Eeny meeny active cream with retinal 0,05%

This is practically it for my skincare routine, I may sound a bit confused, but that's only because it's been a while since I wrote a skincare blog post. Hopefully, it wasn't that bad to read. :) 

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