Simple Skincare Rutine For Soft Skin

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

With the bikini season approaching, I start to feel the urge to get my skin back into looking soft and smooth. At least for the parts, I feel that should be smooth - soft is nice everywhere.

And well, sometimes using just a body lotion isn't enough. That's when it's time to use a body scrub.

I have used several body scrubs and most of them were really nice. But last time when I was browsing the section on body scrubs, this pink version caught my eye. It's the Bielenda


Using a body scrub promotes skin cell turnover leaving the skin soft looking and feeling smoother and more polished. 

The polished skin also absorbs body lotions quicker and more efficiently.

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

Feel as if you’re in a tropical paradise every time you open the Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya sugar scrub in the shower. But its fruity, exotic fragrance is only the beginning. Crushed coconut shells and sugar crystals smooth your skin perfectly, while dragon fruit extract gives it a firming effect. Use it regularly and watch your skin become more supple and beautiful to look at.

I do enjoy using body scrubs especially if they come in a handy packaging. This one does - it comes in a pot so getting the right amount out is easy. I just scoop it out with my fingers and apply it to wet skin.

I loved my previous body scrub that had mostly coffee and sugar in it but this one is easier to use. Plus it's pink. What's not to love? 

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub


  • expertly firms your skin, cleanses and refreshes
  • removes dead skin cells and smooths the skin
  • softens rough areas of skin
  • improves firmness and elasticity with every day that passes
  • gives the body a relaxing fruity scent

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

The scent right out of the pot is quite strong and it is entirely different to the one on wet skin. For me that was a shocker! But the scent right out of the pot is very strong and a tad chemical, while the one on wet skin is pleasantly tropical. 
I prefer the tropical version which is also the version that lasts on the skin for a bit of time.

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

Using a body scrub prepares the skin for the use of self-tanners. This is actually a crucial step for getting the perfect self-tan without any dry patches. The scrubbing is best to be done a day before so the skin has the time to calm down a bit.

I have also noticed that using body scrubs helps my skin with healing those pesky blemishes that popped up during winter. 

But of course, you shouldn't overdo it. You can use a body scrub max 3 times per week. Less if you have sensitive skin. 

Bielenda Exotic Paradise Pitaya body scrub

The Bielenda Exotic body scrub is a nice peeling that does its job well. It leaves my skin soft and smelling nice after use. Plus it's less than 10€ for 350g. I think it will last me for the whole summer with the way I use it. :) 

And lastly - a little tip for those like me that got sensitive skin during allergy season: applying a nice healing ointment after a body scrub is way more effective than just using the ointment. But again, a body scrub is not a daily product for us. 

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