BodyBoom Body Scrub

BodyBoom Body Scrub

Since the beginning of the quarantine, I've got more time to focus on my skin. That's because we've been renovating our apartment (my sister and I) and that's hard work. With hard work comes a lot of showering. 
And since then I've noticed that I've got a "fun" skin condition that well, a lot of people have - keratosis pilaris. It's small reddish bumps on my skin aka chicken skin. I have most of them on my arms. They aren't treatable but can get less visible with certain products and routines.

Anyway, I've decided to see what does a regular old' scrub do for my skin. But this time I'm using a scrub that comes packaged in a lovely package. Let's check it out! 

BodyBoom Body Scrub

A body scrub rids your skin of dead skin cells and makes it perfectly smooth.

The BodyBoom is a brand that came out with a line of chic looking body scrubs. Lately, they've brought out a couple of extra products (like facial scrubs, masks) that also seem fun.
I've got two scrubs from the brand - their original version and the mango scented scrub. 

I've only used the original version that smells like a cup of sweet coffee. It's really pleasant. 
You can get these on Notino.

I've noticed that my skin loves scrubs here and there so I decided to keep with them for a couple of weeks. And what better time is it than during lockdown? Yeah, I know. I thought that too. 
 I know that not many people advise scrubs. They can be rough and can leave micro-scratches on your skin. 

But there's the thing - I've noticed that since I started using them regularly (once a week), my skin has gotten smoother! Yay!

BodyBoom scrub

I've got two sachets - the Orignal and the Mango version. I'm currently using the original one and even after a couple of uses, I have still plenty left! On the product, it says that 100g is for 10 uses. But while I'm using it I don't know how much is 10g of product. I just slap it on, oops! 

The scrub comes in a sachet with a ziplock closure. During the shower, it gets wet and dirty but you can easily clean it with a bit of water. The outside layer dries nicely and there's no leakage! 
Moisten the skin and massage using gentle circular movements. Then rinse thoroughly.

BodyBoom Body Scrub

  • removes dead skin cells
  • hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • fights cellulite
  • leaves the skin soft and supple
  • revitalises the skin

I like using it after I've used a shower gel. That way my skin is clean and still wet. 
I take a bit of product from the bag, keep it in my palm and with it, I apply it all over my body. The skin should be wet for a nice slip. That way it's also easier to get a nice peeling going. I managed to scrub my dry skin (by mistake) and let me tell you, it wasn't pleasant. It didn't hurt but, eh, wasn't worth it.

After the deed, you just wash it off. And you're done! 

It does create quite a mess since it's not ground coffee but it's more like an instant coffee formula. It melts in water and thus it creates a nice creamy film on the skin. With the sugar added you get a good base for scrubbing. 

BodyBoom Body Scrub

Oh, and the smell - it's delicious! Like a very sweet morning coffee. I adore it!
It makes me feel a bit more awake when I use it. Also a tad happier as I enjoy my regular cup of coffee. And the scent it reminds me exactly of that. Coffee, mm. 


+ My skin feels revitalized after use
+ Easy to use - slap it on and scrub!
+ You get about 10 uses from one bag (the 100g one)
+ Smells delicious!
+ Inexpensive (10€ / 100g)
+ The packaging is lovely. Easy to store.


- it leaves quite a mess (but nothing a bit of water won't fix)

BodyBoom Body Scrub


I've noticed that it made quite a difference in my skin. Using it regularly is what helped with those pesky bumps. I mean, they aren't gone but they are less visible. And that for me, is a win!
I enjoy the sweet coffee scent and how fun it is to use in the shower. It makes me feel like I am actually doing something. Making a difference in my skin. 
I usually focus on the lower part of my body, which needs a little bit extra loving. And on my arms. Those are important as that's where my KP is mostly located (keratosis pilaris). I think it would make a great scrub to use before a self-tanner. 
I'm happy that I got two bags of the body scrub as it's a fun little self-care routine. 

I feel like this scrub may be a great starting point for any of us that wants a bit of help with KP. It may not be much, but for some, it may make a whole lot of a difference. At least that's what it did for me. 

Let me know if you are a fan of scrubs. How do you prefer using them? 

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