Benetton - United Dreams Go Far

Benetton - United Dreams Go Far

You know how much I love perfumes, right? I get at least one review every 2 months out. 
But I don't like only women's perfumes. No, I'm a fan of unisex and men's perfumes too

So when I had the chance to try the Benneton United Dreams Go Far, I was all for it! 

Benetton - United Dreams Go Far

United Dreams Men Go Far is described as the scent of fresh marine notes, which represents a brave character. It opens with accords of lemon, lime and marine notes. The heart includes blue lotus, cardamom and lavender, placed at the base of moss, cedar and amber. 

I know that it's a male perfume, but here and there I find myself in such scents. Especially such fresh ones that could be unisex

Benetton - United Dreams Go Far

The design is a classic glass bottle - it looks pretty simple but still a bit bulky. It feels like it could survive some light travelling, but it would probably shatter if it were to fall from a small heigh.
The perfume is dyed in light blue so you know it's a male perfume. I find it a bit funny, but that's what it is in the male cosmetics world. 

Benetton - United Dreams Go Far

Top Notes

  • Sea Notes
  • Citron
  • Lime

Middle Notes

  • Lavender
  • Blue Lotus
  • Cardamom

Base Notes

  • Cedar
  • Moss
  • Amber

Benetton - United Dreams Go Far


When I first spray it, it starts very strong, very masculine and maybe a tad musky. But after a couple of minutes, it settles. And then its true form comes out - I can smell some citruses and a bit of a sea scent. I like it when it's still fresh on the skin!
About 30 minutes later it develops into something else. It transforms into a more settled, mature but still fresh scent. It is a fresh scent without all the fruity notes that get put into most women's perfumes. 

And because how it smells after it settles, is the reason I feel like this may be my "it" Summer perfume. It's fresh and citrusy, it reminds me of a Summer energized day. I mean, what's not to like? 
My first idea was to give it to my hubby. But you know what? He may not even get it, because I like it so much! 

Benetton - United Dreams Go Far

Overall it's a lovely perfume, that will be perfect for all those who love fresh scents without the sweetness that is usually found in women's perfumes. 

The only downside is that it's an Eau de toilette which means it lasts less than an Eau de perfume. So it's more of a daily type of perfume. 

You can get it for 18€ for 100ml on Notino. 

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