How to pick THE BEST Shapewear?

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During holidays it's pretty normal that we put on at least a little bit of weight.
And most of the time that shouldn't be a problem for us, but sometimes it is. 
Like when we'd love to dress in our favourite or the special dress we picked up before the holidays.

And in that case, shapewear comes into play. It helps us feel more confident in our body and clothes. 
Let's see which types there are and what are they used for.

How to pick Shapewear?


What are the waist trainers?
Waist trainers are meant to squeeze your midsection and “train” your figure into an hourglass shape. They’re basically a corset with a modern twist.

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Usually, we'd like to hide our tummy and this is were waist trainers come in handy. 
They come in several shapes, colours and sizes. The most used is a plus size waist trainer in a classic nude colour. 


These are similar to waist trainers and tummy control shapewear only that they cover up all the areas someone may feel are problematic - the tummy, tights and butt. Squeezing it a bit and shaping it up to a more even overall look.

This is the best body shaper for women that are looking for something for a special occasion or even for daily wear as long as you're comfortable in it. It can serve as a great confidence boost, looking super sharp in your favourite clothes.

These are the type of shapewear that I'm well accustomed to as I've used them several times. They may look uncomfortable but are actually not. Once you put them on they feel like a second skin. Plus I find these really great for summer days - as most of them come down to your tights they help with tight chafing. 

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I remember getting my very first shapewear. I didn't know what to get as I wanted something that would hide my stomach and there wasn't much choice around. 

Luckily now we have so many stores that offer different kinds of shapewear and tummy trainers. One of them is Shapellx shapewear where you can pick whatever style you need for different prices. There really is something for everyone.

If you need help picking the style that would suit you for your special occasion or daily wear, they have a useful chat feature where they can kindly help you.

Some products cost as low as $40 so you can find something for every budget
I also like how they have shapewear for different sizes - even for us plus size ladies. That's a bit hooray from me! 

I'm curious - have you tried shapewear before? How did you like it and what did it do for you? 
Let me know in the comments below. 

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